Just Make Suzy Buffet OPS Superintendent

So, the last two candidates checked out. How embarrassing for Omaha.

Sources have repeatedly told me for years, "nothing happens in OPS without the approval of Suzy Buffet." If what these people say is true, then just cut out the middleman and make Suzy Buffet the Superintendent. 

Apparently the last two candidates were not as opposed to charter schools as the Omaha "shadow government" wanted them to be, so they gave up. The candidates said it themselves; "they did not feel the board showed a supportive relationship." I take two things from this;

1. The Board is loaded with puppets and education comes in 3rd after power and control.

2. That search firm should send OPS their money back. 

Government education is a con job with search firms and "consultants" making a fortune off of You, the taxpayer. My Uncle Ken, a man who spent his entire life as both an educator and student, told me years ago that school superintendents were nothing more than hired guns who go from high paying job to high paying job and nothing really ever changes. Most "search firms" basically shuffle the rotation and schools get the same thinking and the same failed policies. Meanwhile kids are the victims. Look at this quote from the OWH;

"Mumin was called a dynamic speaker who has experience working with diverse, low-income students and interesting ideas for boosting family engagement. Still, some voiced concerns about whether he would remain in Omaha for more than a few years and felt he didn’t voice strong enough opposition to charter schools."

It's "all about the children" of course. Power, indoctrination and control. That's 21st Century education.

My Uncle (worthy and well qualified) was right. 

Chris Baker

Chris Baker

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