Omaha Myrmidons Show Up To Support The ACA

Another day, another protest. I know you leftist want to desperately want to wash your hands of one of the most dishonest pieces of legislation passed in modern history but, it's all yours; just own it. Every promise was broken. Every prediction never came true except the predictions of catastrophic failure. Try as much as you can to change the narrative but the reality is that this monstrosity known as "Obama-care" is still "Obama-care."

People didn't get to keep their doctor, premiums went up not down, cost skyrocketed and all of us (outside of the political class) were lied to and hosed.

It irritates me to no end that you and I have to depend on a bunch of snobs who don't have to participate in this abomination, are the ones trying to "fix it" 

Maybe all of us, Democrat, Republican, Lib or Conservative can band together and make the same know it all's crafting this fix also have to live under it.

Chris Baker

Chris Baker

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