Did Trump Just Expose The Coup?

Trump has made a very bold charge here and must aggressively pursue this beyond Twitter now.  

President Barack Hussein Obama's background has been hidden by the media his entire political career. His relationship with Frank Marshall Davis a hard core communist as a kid was barely explored. His closest adviser Valerie Jarrett also comes from a family of communist radicals a fact that has been covered up by the media. Here's more on the Chicago communist nest.   

If anyone is colluding with KGB Putin it's Democrats. 

The sad part of this is that most younger Americans have no recollection of the cold war years. They were not around to see what the communist USSR did to it's people. They don't know the history of the Berlin Wall, the genocide of Stalin, and other communist dictators who slaughtered from 70 to 100 million people trying to create their communist utopia. Look at it's history. Political elites have covered up these communist atrocities for decades. 

Trumps twitter charge must be backed up with an investigation. The investigation must be transparent and the American people must be informed. President Trump has the future of Americas freedom in his lap. He must aggressively pursue his charge, and be willing to prosecute those who are acting against this country. He and his surrogates must aggressively carry this message to the American people because the Democrats and their accomplices in the American media will smear and mock the charge trying to discredit the idea without using facts. Remember; repeat a lie long enough until it becomes the truth.  

This is a soft coup but it's only soft now, there are other plans. See the video.

Trump must do more than tweet, he must lead.

Chris Baker

Chris Baker

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