Update: Police Identify Man Found Dead In Millard

OMAHA, Nebraska - Update: Omaha Police have identified the person found dead at Ash and Weir Street at 7:48 a.m. Monday as 21 year old Dustin Moheng.

Police were called to that area after they received a report of a person down in a nearby yard. Medics arrived and pronounced Moheng dead at the scene.

Police are investigating his death as a homicide.

Death investigation near Weir Street and Ash Street in Millard

Omaha Police are investigating a suspicious death in west Omaha. A body was found Monday morning near Weir Street and Ash in Millard.

That's a block north of Q Street between 124th and 125th.

Police have blocked traffic and part of the neighborhood is cordoned off with crime scene tape.

Officers were called to the area around 8 a.m.

OPD Capt. John Sokolik said, "Omaha Police officers were met by Omaha Fire Department paramedics who pronounced the party dead on the scene. At this point it's under investigation. We have no identity. We have no approximate age or anything like that at this time."

Kerry Thompson lives nearby and said she believes she heard shots fired Monday morning.

She said, "When I was just getting around this morning I just heard a couple of shots and then later I saw that, uh, and I'm not even for sure how long that was when the, when I saw police cars over there and I believe I saw an ambulance."

Thompson had to take a different route home. Her usual path was blocked by the crime scene tape.

"It's a scary thought," she said. "I know that I was thinking about my family because we also have some kiddos that are really close in that area. So, it was a little unnerving but I called them and they were already gone this morning to work."

Police say homicide investigators are on site but are still in the initial stages of reviewing the scene.

For now the case is being considered a suspicious death but authorities have not released any information on a possible cause.

Photo courtesy of 6 News.

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