ISU study: beer ads are reaching teen drinkers

AMES, Iowa -- Of all the commercials on TV, teenagers say their favorites are those that sell something they're not supposed to use...

"Even before they knew that any of the other questions were going to be about beer or alcohol, the number one type ad tended to be beer ads. It's kind of strange when you think about it, because this is not a legal product for them, there no reason they need to know about it" says Iowa State University psychology professor Doug Gentile.

He says a new ISU study also shows 99 percent of middle and high school students say they'd heard of Budweiser and Bud Light - the top spender on advertising - and 44 percent say they'd actually used the the brand.

Gentile says the study shows that beer ads use humor, animation, funny voices, and special effects that often appeal to youth. He says the ads are reaching teenagers--even if the companies don't intent it.

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