Slow Going But Highway 2 Is Back Open From Ne. City To I-29

Highway 2 is finally open from Nebraska City into Iowa after being closed for nearly two months due to flooding. The highway reopened today.

Traffic movement will be slow and drivers will need to wait their turn to cross a bridge. Some have said that wait can range from 15 minutes to over an hour.

This is good news for those who live in Iowa and commute to Nebraska City for work or business.

Grayson Path tells 6 News, "It opens up the city for more business from the I-29 direction. A lot of people were bypassing us going straight up to Omaha instead of coming this way through Highway Two, so now they can cut across and hit our gas stations, our restaurants and businesses."

There is still plenty of construction to do on the highway and there is no word when all lanes will be open to traffic. Path says that likely won't happen until the levees are fixed.

A pilot vehicle is being used to safely direct traffic over the one lane that is open.

Photo courtesy of 6 News.

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