What's New On Your Favorite Streaming Service? - May 2019


A new month means new selections on all your favorite streaming services.

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Personally, I would recommend watching the infamous Best Picture winner, Moonlight, on May 21st. For the horror buffs, Scream comes to Netflix May 1st. The iconic movie that reinvented the slasher genre still holds up fairly well today despite the lack of high-tech gadgetry.

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The biggest movie coming to Prime in May is the remake of Suspiria from last year starring Dakota Johnson. It's a challenging film to watch. I didn't care for it. But a lot of cinephiles did. If you like horror movies that stray away from the typical girl in distress gore-fest, this might be the movie for you. It's a small percentage of people, but might be worth a watch.

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There's a very high nostalgia factor in remastered versions of Baywatch coming to Hulu in May. The only that show was missing was high def, and now we have it. But my ACTUAL selection here would be the miniseries Catch 22 starring George Clooney. There's a buzz around it and George doesn't leave the house for much these days so it might end up being a hit.


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