The Omaha Police Officers Association Disagrees With Stothert Recall Effort

Omaha Police Officers Association's President, Anthony Conner, disagrees with the Coalition to Recall Stothert, the group behind the effort to recall Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert. In the petition affidavit, the group claims mismanagement and mistreatment of the Police Department as a reason for the group's recall effort.

"This group is either misinformed or intentionally trying to score political points by misleading," said OPOA President Anthony Conner."We agree with the Mayor that the Omaha Police Department is a well-managed, professional police department. OPD's high level of professionalism, up and down the rank and file - from Chief to Patrol Officer - has resulted in decreased violence and increased positive police-community relations.”

Photo courtesy of WOWT 6 News.


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