Movie Review: Avengers - Endgame (Spoiler Free)



Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johanssen

Directed By: The Russo Brothers (Avengers: Infinity War)

Rated: PG-13

Runtime: 3 hours

Seriously, this is a daunting task to discuss this without spoilers.But what the heck, here goes.Endgame is the fourth movie in the Avengers franchise.A franchise that left us on one of the biggest cliffhangers in movie history last year when the evil Thanos snapped away half of Earth’s population.Our heroes who survived are left to pick up the pieces and move on with their lives somehow after being decimated by Thanos.

This is the 22nd movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.A plan that was unprecedented when it launched 11 years ago.A series of movies that are loosely connected, some more concretely than others, has grossed seven and a half billion dollars at the box office over the last decade plus.Endgame marks the end for a number of our favorite characters.Some of whom have played the same character for the entirety of this 11 year ride.Their contracts are up, the stories are told, the time is right to move on for some.They’ll always be associated with these roles.They’ll always be welcome inside the walls of any children’s hospital across the country.

In many ways, these roles define these actors now.There are 17 Academy Award winners in this series of movies, and some of them are more recognizable for their work in Marvel movies than in the roles that won them Oscar gold.

Avengers: Endgame is the most fitting end to this series of films imaginable.Directed by The Russo Brothers who gave us Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, and Avengers: Infinity War, they maintain their track record of being the best at this whole comic book movie thing.They tell such a riveting story and with such a deft hand it is an impressive achievement in cinema history for many reasons.

On a micro level, Endgame is filled with so many characters, so many jokes, so many emotional moments, but at the same time it never once felt like there were too many characters on screen, never felt like there was too much going on.Similar to Infinity War, on paper this is too much.But on the screen it works.Everyone gets their moments to shine.As they should with a three hour run time.It never feels like the filmmakers are doing something just to kill a character or just to get you to feel something.Every emotional moment is earned.Because they’ve spent the last 11 years laying the groundwork for this moment.This movie.And they pulled it off.Expectations were extremely high, and they lived up to mine.Probably even exceeded them.

On a macro level, I think about where I was in my life 11 years ago.I was 22.All the changes and personal growth over the years.The new jobs.I got married.I had a kid.As I grew up, like really grew up, so did these movies. I went from being a guy with a girlfriend who had a job that he wasn’t crazy about to being a husband, and a father, who is living his dreams out on the radio.Would never have dreamed of that 11 years ago.As I strived for more, so did these movies.Comic book movies went from being cool visual spectacles to being these really grown-up, deep, complex, emotional movies.Would never have dreamed that 11 years ago.

As for what’s in the actual movie.I think it’s the funniest movie Marvel has ever put out.Period.It’s without question the most emotional movie Marvel has put out.That’s just not up for debate.Endgame marks the end of the era, it was clear going in, and the new path is forged by the end.

Avengers: Endgame is three hours long.For me, the first two hours flew by, the third hour sort of dragged, but I couldn’t for the life of me tell you what I’d take out to make the movie shorter.There’s a few built in bathroom breaks, you can read those on The Josh Odson Page at KFAB dot com.There’s quite a few surprises.Some we knew going into the theater, others not so much.

What Marvel has done here with these 22 interconnected movies marks an achievement in moviemaking. An unprecedented idea fully fleshed out.Civil War and Infinity War were the end of these Marvel movies being pure popcorn spectacle, as they strived to achieve more.Those two films raised the stakes of the series.Avengers: Endgame sticks the landing and fulfills that purpose.I walked out completely satisfied.It isn’t perfect, but it’s damn close.

On a scale of "See It/Stream It/Skip It", I'm giving this a rousing SEE IT

If you liked Avengers: Infinity War, Captain America: Civil War, or The Avengers you might like Avengers: Endgame

4.5 out of 5 stars for Avengers: Endgame. The best movie of 2019, so far.Not saying a TON with the crop we’ve been given, but it’ll certainly be very high on the year end list. It gives you what you wanted and what you didn’t know you wanted.


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