Movie Trailer: Gemini Man


Gemini Man is the new movie from Will Smith set to be released this fall. It's an interesting concept. It isn't based on any existing intellectual property. It isn't a sequel. This is about as an original idea as Hollywood movies get nowadays. The movie looks interesting, maybe doesn't look GREAT, but it looks solid enough.

Will Smith plays a hitman tasked with killing a younger version of himself. Co-starring Clive Owen (remember him?) and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Directed by Ang Lee who has done a wide range of projects. Everything from winning an Academy Award for directing Brokeback Mountain to the special effects heavy Hulk (the one with Eric Bana, not the one with Edward Norton that is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a role that eventually went to Mark Ruffalo - did you follow all that?).

Smith could use a hit. Don't look now but one of America's favorite actors is in the midst of a decade long slump. Nothing he's starred in has been well received in a very long time. This looks like something that could bring about a career renaissance. Here's hoping!

Gemini Man hits theaters October 11th.


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