Movie Trailer: Child's Play (2019)


With each new information drop, the Child's Play reboot becomes a little clearer. We know there will be a killer doll named Chucky. We know a kid named Andy is going to be tortured by the doll. We know the adults in the movie won't believe Andy until it's too late. We know that Chucky will have some new bells and whistles and a high tech upgrade. (I don't like the look of the new Chucky doll, looks like something out of a bad anime. But I get what they were going for)

We learned a few weeks ago that none other than Mark Hamill will be the voice of Chucky. Marking the first time Brad Douriff has NOT played Chucky. We got a small clip of what the doll would sound like this time around in the new trailer that was released today. The reboot looks like it's going to be pretty violent, pretty scary, high body count. Things fans of the franchise are looking for.

I'm cautiously optimistic at this point.

Child's Play (2019) hits theaters June 21st.


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