Movie Trailer: Star Wars - Episode IX


Today was the day that nerds across the world have been waiting for. The reveal of Star Wars - Episode IX title and trailer. I don't really need to sell this to you, you know why you're here. Watch the thing!

My thoughts after several viewings:

  • Sweet flip over the Tie Fighter, Rey!
  • Kylo looks very strong
  • Oh, he's fixing the helmet
  • Princess Leia is a part of this movie, that's excellent news!
  • Emperor Palpatine's laugh gave me chills
  • People who complained about Luke's death in Episode 8, maybe you should let them finish telling the story before you complain about a movie's plot points

I love the title. I think die hard fans of the saga know where this is heading, we've thought it since Episode 7 was announced. I can't wait until December!

Star Wars: Episode IX - Rise of Skywalker hits theaters this Christmas


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