Senator Megan Hunt Is Either Misinformed Or Running A Sanctuary State Scam

State Senator Megan Hunt is either misinformed or she's trying to clandestinely turn Nebraska into a sanctuary state. The theme of "illegal aliens are afraid to report crime because they are afraid of being deported" is completely dishonest. Illegal aliens don't report crimes to Police for many reasons, here's just a few;

  1. Illegal aliens do not trust the Police. Where most of them come from the Police are corrupt and in some cases the Police act as a criminal organization.
  2. Illegal aliens come from impoverished countries where criminal behavior is not only tolerated, it is expected. It's part of everyday life. I'm not calling them all criminals, I'm saying that they grow up surrounded by criminal behavior.
  3. Because these people are not encouraged to assimilate, they live in insulated communities where hierarchies are established with criminals imposing their will with violence. Where they can they will exercise vigilante justice but it's not often as most just keep their heads down because of the constant threat of violence.
  4. Illegal aliens who are victims or witnesses to crime can be protected. SEE HERE

The most obvious point in this discussion is the fact that IF THEY WEREN'T IN THE COUNTRY ILLEGALLY THIS WOULDN'T BE A PROBLEM. This is just another example of the left treating these people as if they were expendable. If the left really cared about these or any other people they wouldn't be encouraging this lawlessness and abuse.

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