Mid-American Energy Delivering Emergency Generators To Flood Victims

MidAmerican Energy is helping flood victims in western Iowa by delivering and installing emergency generators. They will be provided to customers in flooded areas who are without electricity, live in homes that are not flooded, and whose homes are deemed safe for the temporary hookups.

This weekend the company sent nearly 50 portable generators from Des Moines to a holding facility in Council Bluffs for delivery to qualified customers who request them. 

“The devastating flooding, particularly along the I-29 corridor, continues to affect our electric infrastructure and our customers in parts of western and southwestern Iowa,” says Jim Dougherty, vice president of electric delivery. “While we can’t safely restore regular service to homes that are currently flooded or to some areas that are flooded, we want to give our customers a temporary option as long as they can meet certain conditions,” he says.

MidAmerican Energy customers who are eligible for an emergency generator must be without power due to area flooding, the home cannot be currently flooded and the customer must obtain a proper inspection and approval for electric service restoration. The property must be safely accessible.

Customers should contact their county emergency management office or appropriate city administrator about applicable state or local electrical inspection and certification requirements. If there are no local requirements, MidAmerican Energy requires a licensed electrician to conduct an inspection.

MidAmerican Energy will deliver and install a temporary generator and five-gallon fuel tank, free of charge, for use until the company restores their regular service. Customers are responsible for providing their own generator fuel.


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