There Was An INSANE Sequel to Forrest Gump Planned


Apparently, in 2001, plans were in place to make a sequel to 'Forrest Gump'. OK, bad idea. But if you were to verbalize the plot of the original, I'd tell you that was a bad idea too. So, maybe it could have worked. The details of this alleged Forrest Gump 2 are INSANE! Let me hit you with the highlights. Forrest Gump is a champion ballroom dancer, and ends up sharing a song with Princess Di, Gump ends up in the back of OJ Simpson's Bronco, has a son with AIDS, and loses a friend in the OKC Federal Building bombing. Wow!

There's a lot of unpack here, and there's more believe it or not. CLICK HERE for the full story on the Forrest Gump sequel that was never meant to be AND why the movie never got made.


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