Movie Trailer: Toy Story 4


Up until now, we only had teaser trailers for Toy Story 4. Today, we get a full-on actual look at the plot for this summer's Toy Story 4. The gang is all back! Woddy, Buzz, Rex, Ham, Bo, Jessie, and more. A new home means a new kid to play with. Woody seems to have it all. Until the difficulties of incorporating a new toy into the mix rear their ugly head again. This causes Woody to question everything he thought he knew about being a toy.

This trailer looks sweet and somewhat nostalgic. I still am a little cautious of it, because it doesn't look entirely necessary just yet. But even if this ends up being the worst in the series, it's still better than 90% of animated movies out there.

Toy Story 4 hits theaters June 21st.


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