One Dead, Two Injured Due To Flooding In Iowa

One man is dead and two others are in the hospital after their car was swept away by flood waters in Fremont County, Iowa on Saturday. Sheriff Kevin Aistrope says emergency personnel were called to an area just west of Riverton Friday evening.

Investigatiors say the three men were traveling eastbound on 250th St and drove around a road closed barrier and continued until they hit the flood water. The current swept the car away leaving the three no choice but to try and swim to safety. Aistrope says a citizen checking the flood waters could hear people yelling for help around 10:00 p.m.

Emergency crews found two men hanging onto trees in the cold floodwaters. 55 year old Aleido Rojas Galan from Norfolk was airlifted to Bryan West Hospital in Lincoln where he died.

50 year old Santiago Morosta was able to pull himself into a tree to get his body out of the water. Morosta is being treated at Nebraska Medical Center in a ditch near a home trying to get warm. Quennons was picked up by a deputy and then later transported by the Iowa State Patrol to hospital in Hamburg. Quennons was later transferred to Nebraska Medical Center and is currently still being treated.

Aistrope says the three men were traveling from Norfolk to Florida to see family. 


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