Elmwood Park Road Closed Again Due To Deteriorating Conditions

After closing a street through Elmwood Park on Tuesday, and reopening it following repairs, city officials have had to close the road once again.

On Tuesday afternoon deteriorating road conditions, caused by heavy snow melt and runoff from the golf course, forced the closure of Elmwood Park Road from Pacific Street to University Drive. Officials said at the time that both the southbound and northbound lanes would be closed, repaired and reopened.

In a statement Wednesday morning, city officials gave an update saying:

Unfortunately the repairs last night have been washed out by the heavy snow runoff from the golf course, rain and morning traffic, so the park road is being barricaded this morning until weather clears. Again, drivers who use the park road are encouraged to use the secondary park road that connects Pacific Street to Leavenworth.

It is not clear at this point when the road will reopen again.


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