Movie Review - Captain Marvel



Starring: Bree Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Jude Law, & Ben Mendelsohn

Directed By: Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck (Half Nelson)

Rated: PG-13

Runtime: 2 hours 5 minutes

Marvel Studios are in a weird place.It’s temporary, but still a weird place.We are currently in-between Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.A two part story to more or less “end” the original Avengers saga.A lot of favorite heroes will be going away after Endgame is released in 7 weeks.Marvel needs to do two things right now.1 – Create new heroes for the future.And 2 – Not really give anything away for Endgame.How do you do both at the same time?Introduce a new character, Captain Marvel, whose story takes place 20-some years before the events of Infinity War and Endgame.BOOM!Problem solved.

Academy Award winner Bree Larson, plays Carol Danvers, an alien from another world who is also a fighter pilot here on Earth.The trailer made me think we were getting a little more Top Gun and a little less Aliens.However, the actual movie is more aliens running around fighting each other than I anticipated.

The movie begins with twenty brutal minutes of exposition and alien war scenes.They are only necessary to the plot for one reason, and it’s a reason I can’t say on the radio because of spoilers.It is long.It is confusing.It is a chore to get through.

However, if you make it through that, you are golden!Once Danvers crash lands on Earth in the year 1995 the movie is funny, pretty well paced, and pretty surprising.Not the best Marvel movie out there, but entertaining none the less.Captain Marvel is required viewing for all 90s kids.There’s a Blockbuster Video, a lot of slow computer jokes, and a ton of 90s music (some of it works – some of it doesn’t.Nirvana?Really.Think of the irony.Kurt wouldn’t want that)

Brie Larson knows exactly what she wants the big screen version of Captain Marvel to be.She exudes an aura of quiet confidence throughout the movie.She’s tough, funny, and sweet all at the same time.She gets to give Nick Fury crap.Nobody does that.We get to see the early formations of Shield and The Avenger Initiative that started these Marvel movies, now numbering21.

I say this with all Marvel movies, at this point, you know whether you’re in or you’re out.You don’t need me telling you if it’s good or not.I’ll boil it down to this, it’s fine.Not terrible by any means.Not transcendent like Black Panther.It’s a fine origin story.Stands on its own very well.It’s pretty light.I laughed quite a bit.Good supporting cast.Jude Law and Ben Mendelsohn are terrific.Sam Jackson gets one of the meatier parts he’s had in these movies.You could potentially see this without having seen any other Marvel movies.

It doesn’t give a ton away about Endgame.I’m sure there are million articles online now about how there were clues in here about what Captain Marvel can do to help The Avengers, but I haven’t bothered to read them.I’ll go so far as to say it probably isn’t even required viewing before you see Endgame.There are other more important movies to pre-game with first.

Finally, to the dudes.The bros.You’re probably vaping right now.You might be wearing an Affliction t-shirt.You definitely are drinking something with creatine in it.Calm down.There are now 21 Marvel movies.19 of them star white men.That’s 90.5%.You’re not losing your grip on the world.Strong women scare weak men.Your rampant internet hate shows how sad and pathetic you really are.

On a scale of 'See It/Stream It/Skip It' I'm voting stream it.

If you liked Wonder Woman, The Avengers, or Guardians of the Galaxy you might like Captain Marvel

3.5 out of 5 stars.Was really torn between 3 and 3.5, ultimately went with the higher of the two, might regret it later.It’s a fun movie full of 90s nostalgia and typical superhero stuff.


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