Lincoln Man Covers Neighbors Car With Wet Papers

A Lincoln man upset with a neighbor who parked his car on the street during the recent snow parking ban took matters into his own hands on Monday.

Police say a 28 year old man reported that someone had dipped papers in water and covered his car with them. He advised police he believed it was his neighbor, who he had an argument with. It took the a couple of hours for the victim to peel off the paper and regain visibility to safely operate the vehicle.

Officers contacted his neighbor, 49 year old Dana Turner, who admitted that he’d put the wet paper on the vehicle because he parked on the wrong side of the road during the snowstorm.

When asked why he didn’t contact Lincoln Police to resolve the issue, Turner told them he didn’t think of it and that police probably had other things to do. Officers cited and released Turner for disturbing the peace.


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