The Invisible Man Gets New Director


Universal is attempting to reboot ALL of its original "Monster Movies". Frankenstein, The Mummy, The WolfMan, etc. 2017 saw Tom Cruise star in the first of these reboots, The Mummy. And it was bad. Really bad.

Originally these reboots were all going to be connected, similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Mummy's failure has apparently scrapped those plans. Now Universal is just going to reboot all of their monster movies without connecting them to each other. Johnny Depp was originally slated to star in The Invisible Man as the titular character, that has also been scrapped.

Going forward it appears as though Leigh Wannell will direct the reboot of "The Invisible Man". Wannell saw a bunch of success last year directing the sci-fi thriller Upgrade. CLICK HERE for the rest of the details. I love the original monster movies from the 30s. I'm excited for a new generation to find these stories. I'm glad the movies won't be connected. There was no need for that. Just reboot these awesome movies with some cool effects. Don't overthink it.


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