Things The Oscars Got WRONG!


Nominees for the 91st annual Academy Awards were announced this morning.  The Oscars will be held on Sunday, February 24th.  The show does not appear to have a host lined up.  That would be the first (and largest) problem I have with this year's show.  But there were other problems.  This would be your typical "snubs" column.  We all love complaining about who DIDN'T get nominated!  For the complete list of nominees, CLICK HERE

The maximum number of nominees for Best Picture is ten.  I always feel the ten highest vote getters should be nominated in the category.  You have room to shine a light on up to ten movies, do it!  Only eight were nominated this year.  Sure rounding out the category with two more films would simply be token nominations, but it's a chance to maximize exposure for the movies of the past year.  I would have added "First Reformed" and "Eighth Grade" personally.  I also don't love that "Bohemian Rhapsody" is nominated in this category, but I get it.  THE MOVIE WASN'T THAT GOOD, PEOPLE!

I've also got a BAD feeling about "A Star Is Born".  It was the front runner the entire award season.  It was their race to lose.  It seems they will lose that to either Roma or Green Book.  The Producers Guild awarded Green Book with their Best Picture prize over the weekend, they have correctly "predicted" the Oscar winner in that same category 8 of the last 10 years.  Expect a big shift towards Green Book.  And Roma received the most nominations with 10, always a precursor to a big winner on award night. (And with everything going on in our country today, doesn't it make sense that the Academy would award Best Picture to a foreign film from Mexico?)

Best Actor, Best Actress, I'm fine the recipients of those nominations.  No real beef to speak of.  The Supporting fields is where my questions are.  Best Supporting Actress sees Marina de Tavria nominated for Roma (another clue that it might win Best Picture).  Instead of a number of (probably) better choices.  Emily Blunt for A Quiet Place, Viola Davis for Widows, or someone from Crazy Rich Asians.  All probably better suited for the television show that is The Academy Awards.  Best Supporting Actor...I'm somewhat surprised seeing Adam Driver's name on this list.  I would have gone with Michael B Jordan for Black Panther.  I'm not MAD, it's not even necessarily a snub, it's just what I would have done if I ran the world.

Side note: Timothee Chalamet not being nominated for his work in "Beautiful Boy" is not a snub.  He just wasn't good enough to be nominated.

Best Director sees Bradley Cooper snubbed for his debut in "A Star is Born".  A decision the Academy will have to make up for later with Cooper's future projects (like they're having to do now with Spike Lee & BlackKklansman).  I'm also bummed to not see Ryan Coogler's name on this list for Black Panther.  In an admittedly crowded year for the field.  I would nominate Cooper and Coogler ahead of Yorgos (The Favourite) and Pawel (Cold War - another Foreign Film).  

Now for the biggest snub in the entire 2019 Academy Awards field.  Won't You Be My Neighbor is not nominated for Best Documentary.  In a year that had an unusual number of strong entries, The Academy again proves its tone def-ness by excluding the one doc that the most people saw in 2018.  The Mr. Rogers documentary is the 12th highest grossing doc of all-time.  It has a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes.  The audience score is 95%.  There is LITERALLY ZERO reason for this to not be nominated.

One final note on the list of snubs.  The Academy Awards are a television show.  They must do anything and everything they can to attract eyeballs to their show.  The passed up an opportunity to have Dolly Parton perform live on stage.  We don't get that a ton anymore.  It would have been a good advertising hook for the show.  She could have been nominated in the Best Song category for her work in the Netflix movie "Dumplin'".  Anything nominated in this category is going to lose to "Shallow" from A Star is Born.  So pack the field with big names and have them perform throughout your hostless show.  I'm excited to watch Kendrick Lamar perform and lose.  Get Dolly Parton on that stage!

The 91st annual Academy Awards will be held Sunday, February 24th on ABC.


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