Things The Oscars Got RIGHT!


The nominations for the 91st annual Academy Awards were announced this morning.  The Oscars will be hold Sunday, February 24th and by all accounts will NOT have an actual host.  Time will tell on that, but for a full list of Oscar nominations CLICK HERE

Two posts today.  The first, breaking down what The Academy got RIGHT, and the other breaking down what The Academy got WRONG.

I don't plan on breaking down a TON of things The Academy did correctly.  Mainly I will focus on bold decisions that I liked seeing when sifting through the nominations sheet.

First things first, I love seeing Black Panther getting nominated for Best Picture.  So many superhero movies were deserving of this before Black Panther.  After The Dark Knight failed to earn a nom in this category, the Best Picture field was expanded to include more mainstream films.  It hasn't played out that way in the decade since, but today it does.

I like seeing Sam Elliott up for Best Supporting Actor.  Sure, he was only in the movie for about fifteen minutes.  Tops.  But he's been doing this for 50 years, people love him, and he's never been nominated before.  Sometimes a nomination is more of a "Lifetime Achievement" award.  This is Elliott's victory lap.  Even though he won't win for his work in A Star is Born.

Same category.  Your next Star Wars movie will now be promoted as starring "Academy Award Nominee" Adam Driver for his work in BlackKklansman.  I didn't think the movie was the type of movie that deserves Oscar praise.  It's funny.  Entertaining.  But not "that type of movie".

Remember that thing I said about a nomination being a "Lifetime Achievement" award.  Spike Lee is nominated for Best Director for BlackKklansman.  He (to everyone's) amazement has never been nominated in this category before.  This has been a long time coming.  The Academy often likes to make up for mistakes in previous years.  This is one of those corrections.

There's quite a few things I liked from The Academy today.  They did a lot of the things they were supposed to do.  I feel we don't need to heap a ton of praise on them for doing the bare minimum.

The 91st Annual Academy Awards will be held Sunday, February 24th on ABC.


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