Movie Review: Replicas



Starring: Keanu Reeves and Thomas Middleditch
Directed By: Jeffrey Nachmanoff
Rated: PG-13
Runtime: 1 hour 47 minutes

          I know a lot about movies hitting theaters.  I investigate a lot of new releases.  I do my homework and I plan my movie going schedule very far in advance.  Last weekend I was floored when I saw reviews of a new Keanu Reeves sci-fi movie called Replicas.  I hadn’t heard of it.  Hadn’t seen a preview or a commercial for it anywhere.  It was not on my radar ten days ago.  Reading the reviews I kept hearing a certain set of words that perked my ears.   Maybe Replicas was the right movie for me.  The phrase “So Bad It’s Good” kept coming up.

          It’s a phrase that is probably overused.  Most times when a movie stinks, it just stinks and isn’t very redeemable.  A lot of reviews of Replicas kept sliding that phrase in there.  So I decided to check it out.

          Replicas is the story of a father slash scientist, Keanu Reeves, who is working on advance cloning techniques.  He takes your brain and implants it into a robot.  Your memories, your thoughts, your feelings all go along with it in your new shiny metal body.  Of course, it isn’t working right.  The robots aren’t adjusting well.  He’s got one last chance to get it right before his funding is pulled.

          Around that time his family is involved in an accident, and Reeves along with his laboratory sidekick, Thomas Middleditch, who you might know from the show Silicon Valley.  But probably more likely know him from the Verizon commercials.  They implant his families brains into new robots.  If that all sounds like a spoiler.  It isn’t.  That’s the first ten minutes of the movie.  All downhill after that.

          What follows is Keanu Reeves, whose character name I honestly do not remember, trying to hide from his own family members that they died.  It’s part Weekend at Bernie’s, part Artificial Intelligence.  Bonus points to you if you remember that Steven Spielberg movie.  It’s supposed to be a thriller with a bit of action.  It plays out like a comedy a lot of the time. One scene in particular sees Reeves pretending he’s a 16 year old girl on the internet.  I laughed a lot of other times in this movie, and I wasn’t supposed to.

          It absolutely is so bad it’s good.  I enjoyed this movie immensely even though it is terrible.  It looks good and that helped.  The tech/CGI/effects were pretty well done, so you can sort of go along with the ridiculous plot that clearly no one thought out.  At all!

          Replicas is a movie that shouldn’t have gotten made, but did.  The story has been told better an infinite number of times.  It reminds me of a Twilight Zone story, only an hour and 45 minutes long instead of 15-30 minutes.  The acting is bad, the writing is bad, but it looks pretty.  Robots, computers, Puerto Rico, fancy homes.  There’s potential for this to be in the 2019 Ten Worst of the Year.  But I can’t say I hated it.  I went to the movies.  I laughed.  I was never bored.  Which isn’t always the case.

On a scale of "See It/Stream It/Skip It", I'm voting skip it.  If you can stream it for free in a few months, maybe that's the best situation for those wanting to see something, "So Bad It's Good".

If you liked The 6th Day, Alien Resurrection, or The Island you might like Replicas

1.5 out of 5 stars


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