Movie Trailer: Spider-Man Far From Home

National Lampoon Presents: Spider-Man's European Vacation.  I would actually be OK with that.

Spider-Man is a franchise I haven't had much love for since the ill-fated Spider-Man 3.  Seems to always be a retread with no character growth at all.  But this iteration within the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a pleasant surprise.  This summer sees the sequel to Homecoming titled "Far From Home".  See what they did there?

The most intriguing stuff in here was the Nick Fury scene and Jake Gyllenhaal's appearance as Mysterio.  

I'm looking forward to this, but am not overly excited.  This movie will be released after Endgame, so a fun/jovial romp might be needed.

Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters July 5th.

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