The Best Horror Movies of 2018


Opinions are like...well, you know.  Everyone's got one, and that includes people who watch movies for a living.

All month long, I've been compiling the best movies of the year.  Every movie critic imaginable is putting out their "Best Of" list and I'm trying to give you as many opinions as possible.  Maybe you'll even find one you agree with!

Here's the list of The Ringer's 10 favorite horror movies from 2018...CLICK HERE

And the folks over at Vulture delivered a similar list...CLICK HERE

My list is as follows...

10. - Cam
This Netflix original features a cam girl who has her identity stolen & must fight to get it back.  More of a thriller than a straight up horror movie, it was a pleasant surprise that I hadn't heard about until it made both of the lists featured above.

9. - The Predator
Again, it can be considered a stretch to call this horror, but people die in grisly ways.  That's pretty scary.  The Predator reboot was big, loud, dumb, fun and that's all I really needed.

8. - Overlord
Nazi Zombies, need I say more?  This WW2 thriller sees a group of American troops discover an unholy secret beneath an occupied church on the eve of the D-Day invasion.  Some of the best body horror this year.

7. - Summer of '84
Neighborhood kids think the guy who lives next door is a serial killer.  It's fun, it reminds you of when you were a kid, and it has a really shocking final few scenes.

6. - Upgrade
A man is left for dead, rebuilt ala Robocop, and hunts down the people that left him for dead.  If you think Robocop is really cool, you'll like this.  A lot of people die in very violent, unique ways.  I wasn't mad watching this movie.

5. - Annihilation
Natalie Portman stars in this sci-fi puzzle box mystery from the director of Ex-Machina (great movie).  Something is infecting the entire planet, don't try and guess what, just sit back and watch.  It'll make you say "WTF" a whole bunch, but I thought it paid off in the end.

4. - Revenge
For all the fuss people made over Nic Cage in Mandy, I thought this was 2018's most underrated horror movie.  A woman is with her boyfriend in the remote European countryside, then assaulted by two visitors (admittedly a difficult scene to watch), then she spends the next hour or so of the movie hunting these guys down and killing them.  Bloody, but delightful!

3. - Halloween
Other years this might have been number one on the list, but 2018 was a pretty good year for horror.  (Also pretty bad, a number of horror movies were some of my least favorite this year)  The Michael Myers reboot from the guys who made Pineapple Express actually worked despite the beginning of that sentence.  Focused more on the trauma Myers inflicted on Laurie Strode, Halloween ignores all other sequels and blazes its own trail.  It wasn't perfect, but far better than it should have been.

2. - Hereditary
The most devise movie of 2018.  I loved it.  I won't fault a movie for nailing all but the final four minutes.  I didn't like the ending, but everything leading up to that tree house at the end was a work of art.  A slow burn that never ever did what you thought it would (or should), for better or worse.  A total high wire act that stumbled at the end, but kudos for staying upright as long as it did.  Poorly marketed (it isn't The Exorcist) but a wonderful experience.

1. - A Quiet Place
Not just the best horror movie of the year, it will likely end up being one of my five favorite movies of 2018, period.  John Krasinski continues the "Comedians make the best horror movies" trend after Jordan Peele and "Get Out" last year.  This innovative story was best seen in a theater, in the dark, in complete silence.  Not at home with the million distractions that follow.  John Krasinski is admittedly a horror newbie, and that probably helped in the long run.  


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