Two NEW Top Ten Movies of 2018 Lists


'Tis the season!

Year end best lists are more than likely overwhelming your news feed right now...or are about to.  I'll try to compile as many for you here, because no two "Top 10 of 2018" lists are alike.  Everyone has different tastes, and they're fun.

You can look forward to my Ten WORST Movies of 2018 List on The Josh Odson Show in a few weeks.  My Ten BEST Movies of 2018 List will be released in January.  (I'm only one man and a lot of movies come out on Christmas, OK?)

The folks over at the New York Times have dueling film critics present their ten favorites along with some honorable mentions.  They are admittedly VERY pretentious selections.  But some people are into that, and their opinion counts too.  CLICK HERE to read the New York Times Top Ten Films of 2018.

Then we have the AFI's Top Ten List.  The American Film Institute.  They're best known for their 100 lists.  But they do an annual list as well.  It's slightly more mainstream.  But not ranked, which always bugs me.  HAVE A TAKE!!!  I've at least heard of all of these movies, and seen the ones that are out.  Even if I don't entirely agree with their picks.  BONUS: They included a TV section that you can read by CLICKING HERE


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