Is Rocky Finished?


Did Sylvester Stallone just announce that he was done playing Rocky?

In an Instagram post, the writer/director/actor shares a video wrapping on the set of Creed 2 (in theaters now, full review HERE).  Stallone thanks fans for loving Rocky over the last four decades and adds that all things must end.  He continues to say that he's going to step back and let Jordan (and his Creed character) carry the mantle.

It's confusing.  Because some of the best stuff in the two Creed movies is the relationship between Creed and Rocky.  There's almost certainly going to be a Creed 3 (Jordan has expressed interest in making "five or six" Creed films).  Rocky isn't dead, he didn't even ride off into the sunset in Creed 2.  I'd actually hate to see that be the end of the Rocky character.  He deserves that final moment.  My guess is that everyone involved will convince to reprise the role one final time.

CLICK HERE to see the post from Stallone.

Creed 2 is in theaters now.


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