Robin Hood is 2018's Biggest Box Office Bomb


Turns out, we weren't clamoring for another retelling of the same Robin Hood story we've been given countless times before.

The sixth different version of the same movie (at least) was released this past holiday weekend.  In a crowded weekend with a number of big franchises, the timing of Robin Hood's release was always curious.  The reviews were no better, sporting at 14% on Rotten Tomatoes (it was hovering around 11% over the weekend)

It will go down (officially) as the biggest box office failure of the year.  CLICK HERE for all the financial details.  It earned a paltry nine million dollars over the weekend, good enough to finish in seventh place for the weekend.  Expect it to struggle to reach 20 million here in the states, on a 90 million dollar budget (that usually doesn't include advertising) that is a colossal failure.


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