Rebecca Remake Coming to Netflix


Everything is getting remade, because yes, Hollywood is out of ideas.

Next on the list comes to us from the fine folks over at Netflix.  Seems they will redo the Alfred Hitchcock classic, Rebecca.  Winner of Best Picture in 1940.  CLICK HERE for details on the project starring Armie Hammer as the role made famous by Laurence Olivier.

I post this bit of news, not to inform the audience of an upcoming remake, but to implore the original Rebecca.  It's Hitchcock's second best movie.  Yeah, I said it!  I like it more than North by Northwest (very good), The Birds (overrated), and Vertigo (borderline great).  It's superbly acted, masterfully created for the time, and a lost gem of cinema.

Rebecca never gets its due for being an all-time great movie.  Hopefully, the coming remake will get new eyeballs on the original.


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