The Legacy of Stan Lee


Unfortunately, it is Stan Lee Week here on The Josh Odson Show web page.

The Marvel Icon passing away at the age of 95 this week.  Obviously, his legacy on comics is unequaled.  But he touches so many other facets of pop culture.  One could argue that he completely changed the world.  We get about three Marvel movies a year now.  That's the influence of Stan Lee.  His characters are beloved.  They have lasted generations.  The character of Spider-Man, for example, is 56 years old.  There is no one in America (young or old) who doesn't at least know Spider-Man.

Seth Rogen summed it up best on Twitter by saying "Thank you for making people who feel different realize they were special."

The legacy of Stan Lee can not be summed up in words, but it's our job to try,  CLICK HERE to read more on Stan Lee, Marvel genius, and true Icon.


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