Metro Couple Known For Christmas Display Put Items Up For Sale

A Papillion couple with a reputation for their collection of Christmas decorations are selling off a warehouse full of them.

Kyle Richards tells 6 News that he's been decorating for close to four decades, and ever since he was a kid, Christmas decorations have been a passion. "For my Christmas present I would ask for decorations that's what I wanted for Christmas."

You may recognize Kyle and his wife Lisa after being featured on NBC's Today Show for winning an online contest. For years their house and the empty lot next to it was lit up all kinds of decorations that would attract long lines of cars to their street.

Over the years, things have changed. Now, Richards says all of their decorations, the snowmen, the Santas, the soldiers and ornaments are all for sale. "I've had this stuff in storage for seven years. I kind of wanted to share it with people to decorate." 

His wife Lisa is ready to gift their memories to someone else. "It's definitely been a big part of our lives for a lot of years, but with more kids and us getting older it wasn't feasible." she says.

The last time Kyle and Lisa decorated their home like this was in 2011. The set up is so big it takes two months. 

Lisa says it's not as much of an obsession as it is a love for Christmas. "We want collectors and other decorators over the United States to take a piece of this history. It really is history because these companies no longer exist."

Some might say it's a little much.

"There's more stuff here than at Target, Menards...a lot of stores don't carry this any more because they don't make it anymore." Kyle says.

Their house will sit dark another year, but they say it's time. "It's bittersweet, but we are good."

(Photo courtesy of 6 News)


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