Friday the 13th Reboot Coming...Again


Hot off the heels of Halloween's 77.5 million dollar opening weekend, it was announced this week that a Friday the 13th reboot is in the works.  Two separate parties believed they had the rights to the franchise, that legal battled recently came to a close meaning a new work could finally be green lit.  So the timing is more of a coincidence, but it's a fun narrative.

A Friday the 13th reboot is not very interesting.  The franchise was rebooted (and failed) in 2009.

The new King of Hollywood, NBA Superstar, LeBron James will be a producer on the project.  Sometimes producers are very involved in a film, other times they just have their name slapped on it to increase ticket sales.  My guess is the latter.  But either way, LeBron James is CLEARLY the hottest commodity in Hollywood right now.

CLICK HERE for more details on the project.


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