An Oral History of Halloween


Continuing Halloween Week on The Josh Odson Page.  All things Halloween in celebration of the original film's 40th anniversary and the release of the sequel this weekend.

The 1978 film, "Halloween" was the highest grossing independent film of all-time at the time.  It was a labor of love among those on set.  They didn't have a ton of money, they made good with what they had.  They worked around their problems.  How to make California look like Illinois?  How to get the leaves from set to set?  What celebrity inspired the first Michael Myers mask?  Who did director John Carpenter want cast as the lead instead of unknown Jamie Lee Curtis?

All those questions and more answered in "The Oral History of Halloween"...

CLICK HERE to read about the making of the original 1978 film.

CLICK HERE to read about the creation of the Laurie Strode character and how it has changed in the 40 years between movies.

Halloween hits theaters this weekend.


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