Movie Trailer - Pet Sematary (2019)


Just in time for Halloween, we are being given the first glimpse of footage from the upcoming "Pet Sematary" remake/reboot.

This version has promised to be terrifying as it follows the book a little more closely.  The footage looks really solid.  How can you tell this story poorly?  Family moves into a new house, there's a bunch of dead animals buried in the back yard, they come back to life.  Hard to mess that one up.

I like the cast.  The underrated Jason Clarke plays Louis, the father of the new family.  John Lithgow takes up the role of Jud, the weird old farmer who always just shows up.

The directors give me a little cause for concern.  This is BY FAR the biggest movie they've tackled.  The directing duo's previous claim to fame was three episodes of the Scream TV series.  But, after one trailer, the movie looks right.  The movie feels right.  Let's see what happens.

The original Pet Sematary is streaming on Amazon Prime Video

The new Pet Sematary hits theaters in April of 2019.


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