The 150 Best Horror Movies Ever


It's October!

Meaning I no longer have to hide my love of scary movies.  I can discuss them in an open forum without seeming like a psychopath.  There's a LOT of movies to choose from.  Old, new, violent, eerie, witches, slashers, ghosts, and anything else you can think of.  But what are the BEST horror movies of all-time?

It's a debate that will rage on forever.  Different things scare different people.  It's a hard thing to quantify.  But, over at Rotten Tomatoes, they've ranked the 150 best horror movies based on critics reviews.

My favorite of all-time is the original Halloween (1978).  Ranked a criminally low 52nd on this list.  But it's just an honor to be nominated, I guess.

CLICK HERE for the list, and as Ghostface says in Scream (ranked far too low on this list, IMO) "What's your favorite scary movie?"


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