Five To Watch: Talk Like A Pirate Day

Today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day!  Every September 19th we celebrate all the famous buckaroos in our lives.  Here's a list of five movies to watch to celebrate



Obviously, no discussion about pirates in movies can start without Johnny Depp.  His Captain Jack Sparrow is definitely the most famous big screen swashbuckler.  There have been five of these movies made, sadly we're now at a point where there are more bad ones than good.  But the character of Cpt. Jack Sparrow is undeniably fun.



In the early 90s, Steven Spielberg told the tale of what happened after Peter Pan.  Peter grew up and became a typical adult, workaholic, with no imagination.  Dustin Hoffman played the evil Captain Hook.  Julia Roberts was cast as Tinkerbell.  The movie looks beautiful.  It isn't the best movie out there, but for kids of a certain age, it is a classic.



How can you look at Andre the Giant and not smile?  Rob Reiner's 1987 fairy tale come to life centers around Westley in his attempts to save the Princess.  An all-time classic movie that I will gladly add to this category even though there may not technically be any actual pirates in this movie.  It's an excuse to watch The Princess Bride.



"Look at me.  Look at me.  I am the Captain, now!"

Even if you've never seen the 2013 movie, Captain Phillips, you've more than likely seen or heard that clip.  Probably a more realistic interpretation of what a pirate actually is like, Captain Phillips tells the true story of a boat hijacked by Somali Pirates in 2009.  If nothing else, it's certainly the most adult movie you'll find on this list.



Tim Curry has a long list of incredible roles.  One that is all too forgotten is his turn as Long John Silver in 1996's Muppet Treasure Island.  The delightful Muppets take on the classic story was a big kid's adventure in the mid-90s.  Entertaining for both adults and the children who force them to watch this.


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