Omaha's First Cat Cafe Set To Open

Calling all cat lovers! Omaha's newest cafe has just what every feline fanatic wants; coffee, tea and cats. 

The metro's first non-profit cat cafe, Felius, is set to open to the public on Tuesday. Cat cafes have gained popularity across the globe, and now Omaha has one of their very own. Founder Bre Phelan says the cafe has partnered with Wags to Riches, a local animal rescue. "We want to get them out of cages, it's stressful on the animals and it really allows our patrons to interact with them and get to know their personalities."

Phelan says to start, eight to ten cats will be in the cafe, but that number will fluctuate depending on how many cats the rescue has. Wags to Riches adopts out roughly 100 cats per year and the cafe hopes to help the felines find their new fur-ever homes and lower euthanasia rates. 

In addition to being able to grab a cup of Joe and pet the furry friends, Felius will also be offering educational classes and feral programs. Phelan says the classes will offer tips and information for both new and veteran cat owners. They will also partner with the Nebraska Humane Society to help control the feral cat population in the metro. Phelan says there is a feral population of about 60,000 currently and the Trap-Neuter-Return program will work to address the feral cat population. Phelan says many feral cats are not able to be brought into homes as a pet, so this program is the best option for the feral felines to help curb population growth.

Felius is a non-profit and Phelan says volunteers and donations are gladly welcomed to help keep their doors open for cat lovers to find their new feline friend and to keep their programs running. "We love donations and anything people can contribute greatly goes to help our mission and our cats."

Felius opens to the public on Tuesday, September 18th. Rates to hang out with the cats start at $7.50 for 30 minutes and is $10 for every additional hour. You can find out more about Felius and their mission here



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