Nic Cage Cult Classics


I think most people have a soft spot for Nic Cage.  There's undoubtedly at least one movie in his career that you love.  Whether it be National Treasure, The Rock, Con-Air, Face/Off.  He's a successful guy.  He won an Oscar in 1995 for Leaving Las Vegas.  His uncle directed The Godfather.

But a recent tax problem has caused the actor to be...umm...less particular about the roles he takes.  He needs the money to pay off Uncle Sam.  So, he's forced to be in those movies you end up finding in the dollar bin at your favorite DVD retailer.

CLICK HERE for a list of Cage's other roles that have reached a more cult status.  In CELEBRATION of the actor who isn't afraid to overact.

My "off-the-wall" Nic Cage picks are: Snake Eyes (1998), Vampire's Kiss (1988), and The Wicker Man (2006)

His latest project, "Mandy" opens this weekend.  It looks like gonzo film making at its finest.



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