Why Arnold Schwarzenegger Isn't In The Predator


Spoiler Alert for a movie that's 31 years old.  Arnold Schwarzenegger survived the original Predator movie.

Spoiler Alert for the new Predator movie hitting theaters this weekend.  Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't in it.


Well, it seems he was offered a cameo appearance in "The Predator", but turned it down.  Seems Ah-nuld didn't want to play a bit part in a glorified cameo role.  I actually agree.  Arnold can still go.  He can still sell tickets.  Put him in this movie.  Or at least a sequel.  Rumor has it this new Predator opens itsself up to become a trilogy, and we need to write our Congressman that Arnold Schwarzenegger deserves to return to the role of Dutch.

CLICK HERE for more details on why Arnold's return to Predator didn't happen.


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