Academy Awards Backtracks on Popular Film Category


A few weeks ago, the Academy announced sweeping changes to their award ceremony.  One being the addition of a "popular film" category.  It was met with widespread criticism as a cheap ratings ploy and going against everything the Oscars stand for.

Today we get word that the Academy is back tracking on that decision, saying it will NOT hand out that statue for their 2019 ceremony as was previously suggested.  Perhaps it could be because the award was (seemingly) specifically designed to get Black Panther something to bring home at night's end?  This week, the folks behind Black Panther said "thanks, but no thanks" to the popular film awards and announced a full fledged campaign to win Best Picture outright.

Even if they end up with egg on their face, it's the right call to cancel/postpone this "popular film" category.  You can't give it out.  If you do, you become The Grammys.  Look at what they've become.  It doesn't award artists on their merit.  It awards musicians based on name recognition.  The Oscars can not become that.

CLICK HERE for more details on the announcement.


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