My rant about floods this morning side-tracked me from explaining about the amazing picture from Pilger a listener posted on my Facebook page -- the one I talked about as I was posting it here.

Seconds later, I had taken it down.  Now, people want to know where it is.  It's in Moore, Oklahoma.  Or Mapleton, Iowa.  Or Greensberg, Kansas.  Or any other places devastated by tornadoes lately.  No one knows where the picture came from originally, but the cynic in me tells me it was set-up.

However or wherever, it's not from Pilger.  That hasn't stopped Tweeters and FBers from passing it off as an authentic image from the wreckage there, though.

Still, it's an inspiring image, so -- due to all the questions about it -- I'll repost ... now that you know the story behind it: