(Daily Mail) -- Do you tweet your deepest thoughts? Do those thoughts contain swear words?

New research finds that one-in-13 tweets in English contain a curse word. Researchers analyzed over 51 million tweets and say f*** was the most popular swear word and was found in over 90 percent of offensive tweets.

Researchers say people curse more often on Twitter than they do in real life, and that the other four swear words that round out the top five are: s***, a**, b****, and h*** (that last one is "hell" -- I can say that here).

And they're not always typed in anger:  While researchers say most tweets with curse words were used to express negative emotions such as sadness and anger, they were also often used to emphasize positive emotions such as joy or love. 

Additionally, people curse the most on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays -- and most often late at night, when they should be the f*** in bed getting their a** to sleep.