Despite Lucy's protestations, we've tried this again.  The Pack of Love returned this morning!

At stake was a free, three-course meal at this Tuesday night's NewsRadio 1110 KFAB Gourmet Club at The V (details HERE).  You'll enjoy a braised lamb entree, followed by bowling on The V's impressive lanes.  And, most importantly, a date with this girl...

Meet Kiley Rae, local model, dog whisperer, and leery participant in this dating contest.

Here's how it worked:  K-Rae joined us at 10:06, and we lined up potential suitors who called in to convince Kiley to choose them for the date.  We all asked the gentlemen various questions, learned a little bit about them, and ultimately picked her date for Tuesday evening's Gourmet Club / Bowling Extravaganza. 

Here's how it worked out (or CLICK HERE for the mp3 podcast version of this show):


 If you want to watch the date in person (it's like going to the zoo!), please join us Tuesday night at The V at this Gourmet Club!  Call 402-255-3225 to make your reservation!