(Launch Networks) -- A commercial parody featured on last Satuday's Saturday Night Live episode has caused an uproar from people who feel the sketch was racist. The skit was meant to poke fun at what a customer experiences when they visit a Starbucks store but seemed to take the joke a bit too far.

The scene featured cast member Vanessa Bayer preparing a cup of java on her at-home coffee maker which promises the true Starbucks experience. That experience includes having your name mispronounced by a rude and lazy barista whose voice is built into the machine. Some blogs like Ad Age suggest that the joke went too far by introducing another non-functioning coffee machine called Verquonica which pronounces "ask" as "axe" and exists only to talk to the other machine about you.

  • Christopher Robbins at Gothamist wrote, "We have no experience writing comedy, but it seems that executing this skit without the racist machine voices would be easy enough. ... this isn't a thought-provoking riff on the absurdity of racist language, or a heart-breakingly sharp observation about racism in America, or complicated art that is worth strenuous debate. It's just lazy."

CLICK HERE to watch the sketch.