After popular conservative blog accused GOP senate candidate Sid Dinsdale of being a Democrat with ties to Planned Parenthood, Sen. Ben Nelson, and Warren Buffett, the candidate responded with a fire I hadn't previously seen from him.


CLICK HERE for the Red State article, then CLICK HERE for the mp3 podcast version of my conversation with Sid Dinsdale this morning (or listen below).

UPDATE:  RedState blogger Erick Erickson has issued a "clarification" on the article posted above -- CLICK HERE for the new piece.

My opinion:  If this report from Red State doesn't offer up some validity to its claims soon, what was meant as an attack piece on Sid is going to give him more strength in this race than he already had.

 Having pulled him out of a shower in Chadron (yes, it's exactly what it sounds like), GOP senate candidate Ben Sasse responds to challenger Sid Dinsdale's call to denounce a Sasse supporter's "attack" on Sid.  CLICK HERE for the mp3 podcast of the interview on the Good Morning Show with Jim Rose and me, or listen below.