After Wednesday's radio show, I do my best Road Runner impression and head towards Pinehurst, North Carolina -- site of the 2014 U.S. Open golf tournament.

For some reason, I think I can make it there by noon Thursday.  Google says it's a 20 hour drive, and I lose an hour in the time change.  Oh, yeah, I may need to pull over and sleep in the car a few hours.  No problem.  My wife thinks I'm nuts.  I'd be nuts to argue this point with her.

Each day, right here, I'll post my comments, observations, interviews, pictures, and whatever else I think you'll enjoy. 

Provided I don't fall asleep at the wheel, get Deliverenced by some good ol' Southern boys, get punched by Phil Mickelson's caddie after I yell "GET IN THE HOLE!!!!" for the 27th time at him, or any number of other things that could happen on the longest road trip I've ever taken.

My goals for this trip, on many fronts, include Phil Mickelson, Payne Stewart, Sergio Garcia, Holly Sonders (look her up, and you're welcome), Elton John, David Feherty, Dan Jenkins, and Arnold Palmer saying "Nice shot."  I'll explain all of this in my upcoming blogs.