OCTOPUS MATING ENDS IN STRANGULATION AND CANNIBALISM: Some humans may fall asleep after sex, or choose to cuddle, but not all species are so gentle. Researchers have taken a closer look at the octopus, and find males give it all up to get some. After 15 minutes of mating a female octopus was found to wrap three of her arms around the male octopus's body to prevent him from taking in fresh water. She then carried the body to her den and ate her partner. Researchers say that males with smaller or average hectocotylus-- the arm that stores the sperm-- are more likely to get killed because they can't keep far enough away from their partners. (Fox)

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Oh, yeah -- here's the e-mail from Ron I said I'd post here:



If you're going to talk about octopus sex, at least use correct terms. Only the female is called an octopus. The mail is called an octopenis

Great show!