Each of the interviews can also be found in mp3 podcast form HERE!


Fifteen minutes before the show started today, I had no idea what I was going to do for two hours today.  Luckily, this is nothing new.

Then, State Sen. Brad Ashford said he'd come on to discuss his brand-spanking-new Congressional candidacy, as well as yesterday's committee hearing on the state's horrible Good Time Laws.  When he announced he'd join me, Council member Aimee Melton wanted to come on, too, since she testified before Sen. Ashford's committee, creating Ashford and Simp..., er, "Melton."

I don't have time today for Photoshop.  Plus, that picture is just too solid.  Solid as a rock.


After that, NewsRadio 600 KOGO's Chris Merrill wanted a piece of me, regarding Fremont's vote and depriving people of the basic need of shelter over 5 bucks.  I hope Chris is my landlord someday.


And, after being live in San Diego, we went to London next for a chat with "The Official Mistress of the Pack of Lies Show."  Sarah Symonds, my favorite saucy little minx, discussed how February 13th is always reserved for the "other woman," and gave wives some tips on what to watch out for ... while scaring the crap out of guys who really do have to work late tonight.