Here is a sampling of the e-mails I received today.  Wish I could have included all of them, but -- as you can imagine -- we may have set a new record for e-mail volume today!

There are players speaking out on their social media.  The ones I have read are 100% in support of their coach.  They have also commented on how nasty some of the fans have been towards them after losses.  So, I guess it is ok for a "fan" to disrespect players and coaches, but how dare them if they react.  The players and coaches love the majority of Husker fans.  It is that very small percentage of classless fans that ruin things for everyone.  Every school has them, and Nebraska is no different.  Seems like freedom of speech is only for a select few.  While I don't condone use of the "F" word, it is commonplace on all college and high school campuses.

So, if you are a fair weather fan, that audio was directed at you.  If you are a true fan, the rant was not about you.




F the fans ? Pelini shouldn't be concerned with the fans, worry about coaching the team.  worry about what happened in the big 10 championship game last year, worry about the poor preformance in the second half last Saturday. Good coaches make adjustments during games

good coaches don't act like little whiney children, good coaches don't shoot their mouth off like a drunken collage student. Oh yeah nice language Bo with a lady present in the room. What a classless hack If he can't take the heat get out of the kitchen, Nebraska football deserves better !

--Steve in David City





Do you remember what pissed Bo off in the first place? With NU down 17-3, Martinez threw an interception with 17 seconds left in the half. The crowd started booing loudly at the stupid throw. Bo turned around and and waved his clipped board at the crowd in discust and ,I couldn't read his lips, but I'm sure he wasn't wishing them a safe ride home. On the next play Braxton Miller had a 40 yard run and set Ohio State up for a field goal as the half ended, giving them a 20-3 lead. Bo left the field in a chorus of very loud boos, almost knocking Erin Andrews over in his haste to get to the locker room.

That was probably what he was refering to in the interview.






There's a fine line between being passionate and emotional and being a vulgar jerk.

Bo is the latter.  I'm concerned that his overall leadership style is to rule with fear and intimidation.   It isn't working!  No one performs their very best when they are fearful.  We have a lot of talented players and coaches who are will never reach their full potential with Bo in charge.  Our football program has reached its peak under Bo.







I totally agree with what Bo said. Bo can only coach its the players that have to execute.  The fans are like a bunch of spoiled brats, if there is a loss they come out crying like the blue haired babies they are and demand staff be replaced. If this upsets them that much they can put their season tickets up for sale and not come back. The stadium will be filled by a better, more grateful, fan base.

Frazier is a washed up has been who only shows up to get attention and Shatel is an elitist d-bag.







I don’t like Bo very much as a person or a coach, I think his biggest weakness is calling plays and decision making on the field, on the other hand he’s great at training, unifying his team and he’s great at recruiting. As much as I dislike how he spoke about fans two years ago, it’s Bo, that’s the way he talks, he’s hot headed, he has a big foul mouth when he’s angry. That’s who he is, everyone knew that when he was hired. This audio was released because someone on the board of Regents wants him gone. The recording was simply ammunition that was being saved for the right moment. Apparently Big 10 football is not the only full contact sport being played at NU right now; behind the scenes politics is getting down and dirty too.

--Al in York





My biggest concern for the future of NE football is our “objective.” If our objective is to win a national title, then Bo may or may not be the guy……it sure doesn’t look that way with his 6 year record, but it is still possible he could turn it around.

If our objective is a solid winning record with the hopes of a national title, but moreover unity in the state and our national image, then I think that ship has sailed. With Bo at the helm, given his demeanor and history with anger, inappropriate behavior and comments, etc. I think it may be impossible for us to have unity in the state and a positive national image of class……just my two cents.





Pelini is a coach... We have lots of coaches.  We need a leader!  Ron Brown has proven himself a true leader and he certainly knows football after so many years.  Put Bo on D only.






Is he a good coach? are we in the top 25? he is espn's poster boy for bad behavior on the sideline. is that the face of Nebraska? absolutely not!! the "weasel" is greg sharpe and the woman for not reporting this 2 years ago. it should have come out then so we could be 2 years down the road with a coach that appreciates his position and the nearly $4million he makes. Tommie Frazier has nothing to do with the problem. Bo has been blowing up for years. nothing new here. need a coach that portrays our values. some of these guys are supporting him why? steam?? what difference does it all make. Nebraska football has become irrelevant. it may be our last chance to not become just another Minnesota. great once, but never again. is that what these people want that are willing to settle for this guy? good grief. we have become a mediocre team in a mediocre league. surely we can spend 4 or 5 million for a staff that can represent us in the manner that we expect. otherwise why not just hire a guy for $100,000 and call it good. if you think Bo is going to fill the stands after this, you are dreaming.








Here is my take on what Bo said about Nebraska’s fans:

Nebraska fans are the number 1 fans in the country on how we treat other teams and their fans. When it comes to our own beloved Husker’s, we love them only when they are winning and boo them when they aren’t. I am a true Husker fan – I support my team through thick or thin. Don’t get me wrong, I love winning! But if we aren’t – you won’t ever hear me boo players or coaches – I get frustrated with some of the play calling just like everyone else, but they are MY team, the coaching staff is part of that team.

I think we have a too high of a standard for our coaches. And those standards may not be reasonable. We tend to “live in the 90’s” and expect those kinds of games/teams every single year. It is hard to keep a coach when fans are so critical and negative. I know coaches should expect to be criticized and are to take it with a grain of salt, but they are human and like all of us, can only take so much. Who would want to raise their children in a place where the whole stadium boos their father and people calling into radio stations can’t say anything nice about him? This has happened to Bo ever since he started coaching at Nebraska. (Yep, the nicest fans in America!) It saddens me to say we aren’t the nicest fans, not if we can’t treat our own with respect – you don’t have to like the coach or his coaching decisions, but treat him with respect.

The statements Bo made were over two years ago – granted – they shouldn’t have been said, but they were supposed to be off the record - I feel someone set him up for a fall by releasing this just after a game where the fans were up in arms because of the loss. When Bo came to Nebraska, we all knew he had a temper – those that hate him now, loved this in him when he came, it made him “passionate” for the game. I believe he has done much better in the last couple years controlling his temper – but who can blame him when he doesn’t? We are wishy washy fans!

If and when a new coach comes to Nebraska, it will be the same thing over again. Fans wanting immediate results (Big 10 championships, BCS bowl games) within the first few seasons and fans who will criticize every call and everything the coach does and says.







Your caller Lisa hit the 800 pound gorilla in the room on the head.

Harvey Perleman has stood by since Solich’s firing and watched this program go straight to… last Saturday’s game.








I think it would be best to take a look at the situation before making a knee-jerk reaction to hearing private comments said 2 years ago.  As a fan of a rival team, that will go unnamed (hint: rhymes with “myowa”), but one who respects the history/tradition, class, and successes of the University of Nebraska, I have the following reaction to the audio from Coach Pelini.

Considering the situation you have:

· Here is a coach still trying to establish himself, and implement his program with a living legend in Coach Osborne and a very critical and football savvy (yet Champion expecting) Husker Nation looking over his shoulder. In his 4th season as a head coach, his (recruited) guys in place for the first time since starting in 2008. He is clearly defending them, and his program here.

· A transition from the Big 12 to the Big 10—and just coming off of a very disappointing loss to Wisconsin.

· The comments come after an extremely emotional comeback victory over The Ohio State University, (the largest come from behind win in program history) after being down 21-points. He was VERY emotional after this win—and by “emotional” I mean p’d off! I am sure some still remember the press conference, which happened minutes from the audio in question, where it seemed he was just waiting on OWH to ask a question:

· Coaches hear & read everything, criticism from fans, alums, the media—I am sure he and his men felt like it was “us against the world” because it very much was at that time. Here’s one of the columns but Chatelain that I am sure set him off:








While I have never been a fan of Bo Pelini, he lost me completely in 2010 after the Texas A&M game when his actions were so unprofessional.   I was willing to accept his apology yesterday until I heard his "we don't need him" comment referring to Tommy Frasier.  His actions and words are a reflection of what is in his heart and until he has a spiritual transformation he will not change.   Then, we need to look at how the team is doing.  we are losing games by big margins.  what we are seeing on the field is a reflection of what goes on on the sidelines. Yes, after this season it will be time for a change in coaching staff, but as it relates to Bo, he needs an intervention or this will happen again.








WEB SEARCH FOR BO PELINI finds "the rant" covered by ESPN, CBS, Washington Post, USA Today, Washington Times, ABC, Fox, etc. It's now national news, sadly. At one point – and we may be there now – this becomes about more than the football program. It becomes about the university’s image and the state’s image…









I would be a hypocrite if I took offense to what the coach said. Many of times I've been "that fan", the one that thinks I could coach a football team, the armchair football coach. Anyone who take offense to what was said, is one of those "fans", the ones who think they could do it better. For the record, Tom Osborne retired. People need to realize that.









This all makes for good radio time, but people need to differentiate between being a FAN and actually having any ownership or responsibility to every situation. People become way to attached to all these events as if they are actually happening to them.... the part I enjoy to watch is how they think they can actually affect the outcome in all these situations. I wonder how these folks like it when they receive criticism where they work, or at home.

:-)   --Joe





I have maintained for 20 years it isn't Coaches or players from Nebraska that churn my stomach its the fans. TODAY is PROOF!  Nobody has ever vented to a colleague? What a bunch of self important Millies the whole state is.   Tom Osborne was one in a wasn't Nebraska it was him!   But you Big Red drips haven't figured that out yet!

Get a LIFE!






Regarding Bo Pelini and the comments from the past.  If they were not addressed when they took place then bringing them up now should not be an issue or made one by all of the media.  Stirring up this does no one any good; the fans, the players or the coaches.  If it just occurred then address it but two years or one year later.  RIDICULOUS and self serving on the part of the person doing this.  Right or wrong in content.  NOW is not the time.  It should of been brought up when it happened.










When you are making 2,000,000 dollars a year, at least act like an adult, even if you aren't one.












It took Tom Osborne 8 years to win a conference championship with players HE recruited. It also took him 21 years of being head coach to win a national championship.


These two men are not similar at all in their demeanor. And I love coach Osborne.


I support Bo wholeheartedly. We as husker fans dealt with HUGE success at the twilight of Osborne's career. We automatically expect anyone who steps in to be seasoned and ready for the national championship game that eluded Osborne for 21 years.











I have never liked Bo Pellini, BUT, he is right.  I think Bo is extremely immature. His tirades and gum chomping drive me nuts!

However, I was at the KSU game in 2006 when KSU kicked NU’s butt. At 12:48 left in the 4th quarter, half the fans headed to the exits. At 4:30 left in the game, barely a Husker fan was still in the stadium.

No matter how your team is doing, fans need to stay and support the team. You are wrong to say they are showing support when they leave the stadium to party in the parking lot.







One thing that was more important than the final score was the character of the Nebraska football program, and that includes their fans. We confirmed this week that Nebraska fans are about as classy as you will ever find. When I wrote on the morning after the Nebraska game last season, I said that I wanted us to be like Nebraska. I wanted us to be a deeply passionate fan base that wore the same color blue and filled the stadium every week and welcomed the opponents and respected the game and set the standard for what a home field advantage looked like. Well, Nebraska took my great fan card and completely trumped it with kind words from their head coach on Monday and #36 stickers on their helmets and a moment of silence and blue and yellow balloons and a banner before the game and more humanity and decency than I have ever seen from an opposing team. And in doing so, they upped that standard for a fan base to a whole new level. If everyone had the same heart and concern for their fellow man as those Nebraska folks, the world would be a far better place.

Husker fans will be disappointed about this loss for a few weeks, but I hope they will appreciate that the goodwill and respect they have earned in our eyes and in the hearts and minds of anyone around the country who was following these events is worth more than 5 National Championships, and it will be remembered far longer than the final score. So as the final score rolled up in our favor, I just couldn't cheer quite as loud knowing the disappointment those amazing people were feeling.


--From a UCLA Fan Board